New Year’s Eve – and it ain’t over yet

I was looking back over my files on Colombia for the past year, trying to put together an article about it. Just write some straight history. Colombia’s seen a mixed year. Brutal paramilitary violence, to be sure. Ongoing massacres, assassinations, neoliberal restructuring, an outbreak of yellow fever. But also the indigenous Minga for life, the […]

Aceh and the Tsunami

Aceh was hit hard by the Tsunamis and is also under Indonesian occupation. This could make a deadly situation still more catastrophic. Here’s a media release. Media Release U.S. Groups Urge Indonesian Government to Put People over Politics Humanitarian Catastrophe Adds to Human-Created Destruction in Aceh Contacts: Michael Beer, NI, 202-244-0951 (w), 703-875-9482 (h) Karen […]

Costs, Human Tolls

Everytime I refresh my browser window, the death toll from the tsunami grows by a couple of thousand. The New York Times reports that at least a third of the dead are children. Even as we mourn, it is easy to detach ourselves from the reality of a number as large as 44,000. It is […]

The Tsunami continued and comments

My hope that the comments section of the blog would become as interesting as the things I post is coming to fruition. In case folks didn’t check the comments section of yesterday’s post, there were perceptive comments by frequent guest blogger C.P. Pandya, activist Troy Cochrane, and ZNet’s Cynthia Peters. Below is Pandya’s comment: “Unfortunately […]


It is hard to say something about something so terrible. It’s not really a moment for a political blog. If I was around there I would just try to find some way to join the aid effort. I have heard on the news that cash is the best way to help from far away. I […]

And there won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time…

Sorry for returning to Christmas musings so soon, but I have been hearing that Live Aid/Band Aid song far too often recently. You know the one with George Michael, Boy George, Bono, etc., from the 1980s? Bono’s line in it is: “Well, tonight thank god it’s them, instead of you…” I don’t know the whole […]