Archive of Justin Podur’s Writings

Below are writings I’ve published since 2014. For 2000-2014, use the “Archives” drop-down menu on the sidebar. May your archeological excavations here unearth a bit of anti-imperialist history, oh reader.


Siegebreakers – a novel where the heroes break the siege on Gaza. November 2019

The Path of the Unarmed – a 20-chapter novella on Wattpad about a transformation by learning about leftism. April/May 2020.

Under the Mountain – a short fiction about India’s occupation of Kashmir published at Queen Mob’s Teahouse August 28, 2019


Anti-Palestinian Racism: A Resource – authored by the Anti-Empire Project

Covert Action Magazine Article (8,000 word long read): Limited Hangouts: Western Intellectuals Whitewash Horrific Crimes of CIA Asset Paul Kagame – November 11, 2021

IMI Globetrotter + FAIR (from 2022)


Are we living through a de-dollarization? June 23, 2023

Asking the oppressed to be nonviolent is an impossible standard that ignores history February 17, 2023


Why Comparing Chinese Africa Investment to Western Colonialism is No Joke January 31, 2022 (


Canada is Waging an All-Front Legal War Against Indigenous People August 6, 2021

Is Colombia’s Military Displacing Peasants to Protect the Environment or Sell off Natural Resources? May 20, 2021

India’s Right-Wing Government is So Hungry for Profit It Will Risk Famine March 19, 2021


The Policing System is Rooted in the Colonial Past Oct 20, 2020
Can we address that British eugenics scandal? Sept 11, 2020
Policing is irrelevant for public safety – here are some alternatives June 19, 2020
Economists’ solutions to health crises can be disastrous March 28, 2020
The people of Colombia are cracking up the walls of war and authoritarianism January 29, 2020


Don’t expect justice from the Imperial Criminal Court June 30, 2019
Sanctions are genocidal, and they are the US’s favorite weapon June 12, 2019
The human rights organizations are part of the problem April 14, 2019
Inside the neoliberal laboratory preparing for the theft of Venezuela’s economy February 17, 2019
The Future of Mind Control: How social media is supercharging the propaganda system February 3, 2019

Alternet Articles


Why it’s so hard for most countries to be economically independent from the West December 12,2018
Just How Powerful Is Russia Internationally? March 12, 2018
Lessons from Ed Herman’s Lifelong War against Lies February 20, 2018
5 Ways Capitalist Logic Has Sabotaged the Scientific Community February 1, 2018


How the Saudis Escalated Yemen Struggle Beyond All Control December 10, 2017
Afghanistan’s Painful, Never-Ending War Takes a New Bad Turn October 24, 2017
Why Won’t American Media Tell the Truth About What’s Happening in Venezuela? September 7, 2017

TeleSUR columns

The Afghans are Coming! TeleSUR English, May 18, 2017
The Carnage of Demonetisation in India TeleSUR English, December 23, 2016
Haiti 101 Years After US Invasion, Still Resisting Domination TeleSUR English, July 28, 2016
Colombia: The possibilities opened by the peace TeleSUR English June 30, 2016
Paz Colombia: the latest US attempt to control Colombia? TeleSUR English February 9, 2016
War is still not the answer TeleSUR English January 29, 2016
Vaccinations and the war on science TeleSUR English January 12, 2016
Who is ISIS afraid of? TeleSUR English December 23, 2015
Escalating violence in Burundi TeleSUR English December 14, 2015
Elections theater TeleSUR English November 26, 2015
The end of universal jurisdiction TeleSUR English November 13, 2015
Silent Compromises on Israel TeleSUR English October 28, 2015
Syria and Iraq: The Limits of Bombing TeleSUR English October 19, 2015
The Uses of ISIS TeleSUR English September 25, 2015
A breakthrough in Colombia’s peace talks TeleSUR English September 23, 2015
Modi’s Decline and India Dangers TeleSUR English August 31, 2015
The Dominican Republic Deportations TeleSUR English August 16,2015
The US State Murder of an Activist TeleSUR English July 25, 2015
#HackedTeam & Colombia TeleSUR English July 20, 2015
The Beginning of the End for Kagame? TeleSUR English June 26, 2015
Israel’s battles in sports, law and science TeleSUR English June 17, 2015
ISIS is the child of chaos, not religion TeleSUR English May 29, 2015
We are all Farkhunda TeleSUR English May 13, 2015
Profiting from Egypt’s Dictatorship TeleSUR English April 29, 2015
The Filimibi Affair and #Telema TeleSUR English April 14, 2015
Online privacy is worth the extra work TeleSUR English March 2, 2015
#IStandWithPanzi TeleSUR English Jan 12, 2015
Review of Gabriella Coleman’s Hacker, Hoaxer, Whistleblower, Spy TeleSUR English Dec 24, 2014
Review of Chris Dixon’s Another Politics TeleSUR English Dec 16, 2014
Review of Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything TeleSUR English Dec 1, 2014
Colombia: Early Signs of a Violent Peace TeleSUR English Nov 18, 2014
The Colombian Peace Process TeleSUR English Oct 30, 2014
The BBC and the Rwandan Genocide TeleSUR English Oct 11, 2014
Democracy: Failed Installation in Afghanistan TeleSUR English Oct 4, 2014
The Indian Electoral System’s Victims TeleSUR English Sept 21, 2014
Aristide Summoned: The courts in Haiti’s New Dictatorship TeleSUR English Aug 28, 2014
Small Genocides TeleSUR English Aug 13, 2014
Q/A on Palestine TeleSUR English July 24, 2014
The Reordering of Iraq and Syria TeleSUR English July 10, 2014

Science and Liberation – Briarpatch January 6, 2014

Ricochet columns

From Saudi Arabia to Israel, Stephane Dion is continuing Harper’s policies Ricochet Media April 13, 2016
For Venezuela’s Bolivarians, victory even in defeat Ricochet Media December 7, 2015
NDP Purge of pro-Palestine candidates plays into Harper’s hands Ricochet Media August 25, 2015
Why leftists should read John Ralston Saul – critically Ricochet Media May 21, 2015
York strikers show the way – now let’s build a truly public university Ricochet Media Mar 30, 2015
A Massacre in the NAFTA Zone Ricochet Media Oct 9, 2014