Liberating the Word in Colombia

This week I’ll be participating in a tour by one of Colombia’s best journalists and one of the leaders of Colombia’s indigenous movement. The journalist is Hollman Morris, in Canada to receive a ‘free expression award’ of the type normally given to the subservient to power but somehow given by fluke to a journalist of real integrity and courage. The indigenous leader is Ezequiel Vitonas, one of the leaders of the ‘proceso’ in Northern Cauca that I’ve reported on in various ways over the years. I’ll try to have something good for you in the next couple of days. Meanwhile check out the poster and the postcard. Their visit coincides with protests around the world at Mexican Consulates and Embassies against the vicious repression in Oaxaca, part of a national pattern that includes the theft of an election and the attacks on a teacher’s union in other parts of the country. They’re also visiting at a time an indigenous land reclamation is going on at Six Nations, right here in Ontario.

Author: Justin Podur

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