Liberating the Word in Colombia

This week I’ll be participating in a tour by one of Colombia’s best journalists and one of the leaders of Colombia’s indigenous movement. The journalist is Hollman Morris, in Canada to receive a ‘free expression award’ of the type normally given to the subservient to power but somehow given by fluke to a journalist of […]

The latest from the Canadian roster of mediocrity

It isn’t the racism of Canadian pundits that is so distasteful so much as the combination of smug confidence and ignorance. Take Jeffrey Simpson, a frequent commentator and purveyor of conventional thoughts on various topics, in his analysis of the Canadian political landscape relative to Israel/Palestine. He talks about the shifts from the parties, and […]

What a grim field

A brief report from the stomach-turning exercise of watching Canadian politics. The liberal leadership race is unfolding and all candidates are competing to bend lower in obesiance to racism and contempt against Palestinians. How bizarre that Michael “not losing sleep over massacres” Ignatieff is now off to atone for calling a war crime a war […]