Just poking around at some sites I don’t look at often enough I came across this article on LiP Magazine about an ideology called ‘activistism’. I thought it made some good points and liked its honest tone. I would have a hard time endorsing all of the authors, but the article is definitely worth reading.

Justin Podur

Author: Justin Podur

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2 thoughts on “Activistism”

  1. I’m curious as to which
    I’m curious as to which author you would have a hard time endorsing? I have never heard of Liza Featherstone. I used to have a subscription to “Left Business Observer” and I always thought it very strong. I’ve never read Christian Parenti, but interviews I’ve seen with him seem good.

    I’m curious about the reservations you might have of either of the latter two.

  2. Christian Parenti wrote a
    Christian Parenti wrote a very weak and self-serving piece for the Nation about a friend of mine in Iraq that broke the most basic rules of journalistic integrity. When my friend – the subject of the story – tried to get in touch with him about the inaccuracies as well as the fact that the story puts my friend in actual physical danger – Parenti wasn’t answering his email. The piece later appeared in Parenti’s book – without any of the corrections. Whatever I think of this or other pieces of writing, then, I think of Christian Parenti as someone who lacks integrity as a person and as a writer. That’s the most generous formulation I can come up with for what he’s done.

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