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Justin Podur

Author: Justin Podur

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  1. Canada shares the same
    Canada shares the same imperial interests as the U.S. When the Americans use our natural capital it is in advance of their (our) interests. However, when a foreign nation with alien interests buys up our domestic capital, who knows to what ends they’ll serve? Certainly it won’t be the benevolent, humanitarian ends that Yves Engler superbly summarized -providing bullets to shoot at Iraqis, displacing Aristide and aiding murderers in Haiti, or, left off of Engler’s list, displacing the indigenous who were discourteous enough to live where OUR oil is (the Lubicon), or OUR empty space is (the Innu).

  2. Thanks for the comment Troy.
    Thanks for the comment Troy. I actually think that’s not quite true: in every western country including Canada there is a part of the elite that benefits from this kind of ‘globalization’, whether it’s Chinese capital or US capital, and a part that does not, again regardless of where the capital is coming from. The Globe’s reaction is racism, not a question of Canada-US shared interests that leave China out. That’s what made it an interesting story for me: the way capitalists in Canada and the US treat China (and to a lesser extent India), the way the media treats them, is contradictory.

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