Support the Troops

I went through the masochistic exercise of watching CNN, briefly, this morning. They were talking about how bad it would be for Americans when Iraqis learned of the abuse of prisoners by the Americans, the story that came out on 60 Minutes. Rahul Mahajan of Empire Notes has republished the photos of abuse. I think […]

Colombia’s Oil Strike Background

Following up on an earlier post — the Colombian oil workers of the Union Sindical Obrera, USO, are on strike trying to prevent the further privatization of the state oil company, ECOPETROL. The UK-Colombia Solidarity Campaign sent around this communique which they translated: it has some useful background on the strike situation. INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIQUE THE […]

Welcome Back, General – but not for long

This will probably be a big story and hence unnecessary for me to blog, but I couldn’t help but notice that part of the ‘political solution’ the US was seeking was to put a Saddam-era general in charge of Fallujah. Irony: yesterday in our Counterspin debate the one thing that the American Enterprise Institute columnist […]

Some Canadian Content

So, I suppose I should talk about Canada from time to time. There are actually some very serious labour disputes going on in Canada. There is a health care strike in British Columbia and as of this morning, the government had imposed back-to-work legislation on the workers, with a very generous settlement: a 15% wage […]

Counterspin, Canada, US, etc.

I was on CBC’s Counterspin, a political debate show, tonight, debating a columnist from the American Enterprise Institute. The theme was “What should Paul Martin say to George Bush”, on Haiti, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Missile Defense. Kind of a strange premise: two unelected leaders (who turfed out an elected leader) deciding on the fate of […]

Plan Patriota

I’ve got an article from April 25’s ‘El Tiempo’, Colombia’s national newspaper, in front of me. Apparently Uribe, Colombia’s President, has a bright new plan: he’s going to — escalate the war! The plan is to send 14-15000 soldiers into the south of the country. There have been dozens of meetings with the State Department […]

Why I don’t like ‘quagmire’ analysis

I see a lot of writing calling Iraq a ‘quagmire’ and comparing it to Vietnam. I could be mistaken, but I detect almost a kind of smugness in the comparison, ie., people who think the US is going to get a come-uppance in Iraq the way it got such in Vietnam. I have to admit […]


The situation in Sudan is very serious. Reports are that the Sudanese government is engaging in massacres and massive reprisals against civilian populations. There is an insurgency in the South against a political-Islamist government in the North — but there is also a great deal of opposition to that government in the North, and in […]

Today’s Israel roundup

Lots to report today. First things first — from one blog to another. Some students and teachers in Jenin have put together a blog, with photos and evocative text, updated not daily but frequently. It’s called Voices from Jenin.Take a look. In the spirit of the title of the blog, I have to revise the […]

The ethnic cleansing plan…

Does anyone remember before the invasion of Iraq last year, how Palestinians were worried that the ‘cover’ of the invasion of Iraq would be used by Israel to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians in the West Bank?