Today’s Israel roundup

Lots to report today. First things first — from one blog to another. Some students and teachers in Jenin have put together a blog, with photos and evocative text, updated not daily but frequently. It’s called Voices from Jenin.Take a look.

In the spirit of the title of the blog, I have to revise the Palestinian body count of the week. Apparently it’s reached 40 killed over the course of the week, for those interested in counting. Among those not interested in counting — the mainstream media. I saw a headline somewhere saying: “Israel identifies new Hamas leader…” and couldn’t help but feel a sense of foreboding.

Mordecai Vanunu is looking for help from the UK, fearing for his life in Israel, where he’s trapped by restrictions. Uri Avnery suggests that Israel and the US don’t want him to expose the US connection, in an interesting piece that is marred by a metaphor I don’t like.

The Israeli Army apparently used a child as a human shield during a military operation. This happens fairly frequently, as far as I’ve heard, but it apparently is being reported to great scandal, which can only be a good thing.

As usual, most of the above came via the News Insider.

Author: Justin Podur

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