The Logic of Occupy Wall Street for Canada

The Occupy Wall St. Movement and the Occupy Together movements that are inspired by it actually have a simple premise: society shouldn’t be run for the unrestricted benefit of the wealthiest. The immediate grievance is the 2008 banking crisis, in which the US banks engaged in fraudulent and criminal activity and were subsequently rewarded for […]

To pass on our experience: an interview with Patrick Elie

Patrick Elie is a Haitian activist who worked in the first Aristide administration. I interviewed him in Port au Prince on October 5, 2011. Justin Podur (JP): Can we start with your analysis of the Preval administration of 2006-2011? What could he have accomplished under the circumstances? What did he accomplish?

Haitian President Martelly’s Scholarship Program

The centerpiece of Haitian President Martelly’s policies so far is his scholarship program. It is an ambitious plan to provide free education to every primary school-aged child, between 6-12 years old or from grades 1-6. President Martelly’s press office provided some of the plan’s details.

The eviction of Barbancourt 17

Barbancourt 17, a camp on a construction site south of the Toussaint L’Ouverture Airport (sud-aeroport), was evicted last week – on Thursday September 29 – by the International Organization on Migration (IOM), the manager of Haiti’s post-earthquake camps. Home to 43 families, the camp dates to immediately after the earthquake in January 2010.