Watch out for election day fraud

Francis Fox Piven (who has had her own experiences recently with Harper’s US mentors) and Richard Cloward wrote a very interesting book called “Why Americans Don’t Vote”, which showed how a key electoral strategy in the US has always been demobilizing opposing voters, a strategy just as important as mobilizing supporters. If you look at […]

Today’s election thoughts

Today’s election thoughts, and a couple of photos. Jon Elmer sent me this amusing Vintage Voter site. Vincent Pang sent me this photo album of protests against Harper’s second proroguing back in 2010.

36% is apparently a majority, but not for a whole day

The daily polling is suspicious. Every day the media publishes what the electoral outcome is going to be. And every day it changes. They keep saying there’s going to be a Harper majority. Saying it won’t make it so, but it might contribute to it. Earlier today I saw an article on through Google […]

I went over my twitter limit…

So I’m just going to make a few notes: -Ignatieff was right when he says Harper’s offering “fantasy economics”. He also answered the financial question directly. And Harper seemed to make eye contact for the first time. And then went back to the camera. Harper: “Every credible economic analyst” says taxes kill jobs – in […]

Cancer is sexy

I don’t have a TV, so I just checked if my livestreaming CBC is working and it seems to be, so I will be able to watch the debate tonight. Two chapters left to go in Lawrence Martin’s “Harperland” and I also just picked up Christian Nadeau’s “Rogue in Power” yesterday and have read chapter […]

Yes, you can be too nuclear-safe

Before there was Bruce Carson, there was Maxime Bernier, who left government documents at his girlfriend’s house. To put this in context, I don’t think that these state documents should be treated with tremendous mystical secrecy – that isn’t the point. They are probably mostly banal. The point is that here’s another instance of the […]

Harper and Bribery

Today’s headlines were interesting. Conservatives using the RCMP as their political goon squad to turf people out of events and pre-screen them. But Harper’s said he’s sorry and, I’m sure, has promised to never do it again. This is a good little quote from the Toronto Star though:

Harper’s Foreign Policy

Lawrence Martin’s “Harperland” discusses Harper’s foreign policy. It isn’t really distinguishable from Liberal foreign policy, except that it is a little more paranoid and secretive. Throughout the West, there is fairly unconditional support for Israel. Some explain this with lobbies, etc. For the Harper people, Israel is a principle, above all others – certainly above […]

Stephen Harper, Bruce Carson, and the Environment

The quote of the day is definitely from Stephen Harper about Bruce Carson’s fraud convictions: “I did not know about these revelations that we’re finding out today. I don’t know why I did not know.” Anyone who doubts Carson’s importance in Harper’s team should definitely read Lawrence Martin’s “Harperland”. He’s all over the book. In […]