The Mumbai attacks

The scale of the attacks is incredible: the Taj, the Oberoi Trident, a major train station (CST), a major hospital (Cama), a cafe that’s favoured by tourists (Cafe Leopold), the Jewish centre, all in different parts of the city. Some attackers came by sea, others set off bombs, others just entered buildings or public areas […]

Moises Naim’s scary world

I picked up Moises Naim’s book “Illicit” (2005), as the book of record on illegal trade (or, what I call, following my friend Manuel Rozental, “illegal capital”). I wanted to read it because I’m trying to figure out how much of the global economy flows into these different niches. You can understand the economy one […]

The world ain’t changed yet

I believe the outcome of the US elections provide more openings and more possibilities for positive changes. I don’t think such changes will happen unless those openings are exploited. And such changes are certainly not happening yet. Not for Palestinians anyway. Not for Gaza. Instead, Israel has stepped up its ongoing bloodbath there, in the […]


Hi folks. This is not a substantive post. I wanted to explain my absence and a few things that I hope to do here in the next few days. I have had a few weeks in a row that have been busy, one of which is well worth writing about here (the others are not […]