Uribe wins, Gaviria beats the Liberals

Interesting developments in Colombia. I was disappointed that Uribe won in the first round. I really thought the left had a chance, but it seems that even if there was fraud, Uribe would have won. Still, that Carlos Gaviria’s party won second place could mean that the two-party lock on politics in the county is […]

In whose interests are the “residents” rallies in Caledonia?

On May 22, 2006 – after holding a blockade of the Highway 6 at Caldeonia, Ontario for since February – the indigenous of Six Nations unblocked the highway. The dismantling of the blockade – initially erected by the indigenous to enforce their claim to a piece of land called the Douglas Creek Estates – was […]

The May 15 Mobilizations in Colombia

Colombia’s peasant, indigenous, and union organizations called for a major mobilization on May 15, 2006. With elections on May 28, 2006, the organizations sought to demonstrate their opposition to the Colombian regime’s Free Trade Agreement with the United States, its civil war, its relationship with the paramilitaries, and its proposed constitutional changes. The election is […]

The Last Nomadic Indigenous in the Hemisphere

This comes from the Colombia Support Network… —– PLEASE HELP CSN TO CIRCULATE THIS WIDELY S.O.S.On behalf of the Indigenous Peoples: Nukak Makú, Guayabero, Sikuani, and Tucano ( Translated by Nolen Johnson a CSN translator) The National Indigenous Organization of Colombia, ONIC, is sending an S.O.S. because of the grave and repeated human rights violations […]

Medieval Siege in Gaza

With the settlements gone, all eyes are off of Gaza and the genocidal policy unfolding there. I just got this off of a mailing list. It comes from the Gaza Community Mental Health Program.

A little off-topic

One of the things that has kept me from blogging as often over the past months has been an increasing involvement in behind-the-curtain work at ZNet. One of the more interesting aspects of this work has been the project exploring the possibility of converting ZNet to free software (some of you will note the hedging-of-bets […]