Photo Exhibit in Toronto

Another great event at the Tinto Coffee House in Toronto, by my friend Jon Elmer. A month-long photo exhibition, “The Children of Palestine: Images from the West Bank and Gaza Strip”, by Jon Elmer will open in our mezzanine starting Wednesday, February 1, 2006.

Some contrary thoughts before the results are in

So, people who follow this blog know I was pretty worried the last time around about a conservative victory. I created the ‘fear and loathing report’ to follow the election. This time I managed a measly two blog entries. Partly, admittedly, my blogging output has fallen off. I am trying to spend a little more […]

Mark Weisbrot and Mugabe!

It would take the International Republican Institute to make the analogy, but then again, I suppose it was a Republican who said ‘if you’re not with us, you’re with the terrorists’. Maybe Weisbrot touched a nerve?

2-1 in the Americas

So, the 2006 elections have gone well so far. Bolivia and Chile have both gone to the leftists. But Canada will be moving rightward. It’s interesting to see how the editorializing on behalf of the Tories goes. It’s basically – the liberals are bad, and the tories really aren’t as bad as you think. Quite […]

UK Independent: Davison and Buncombe

Another nice blog brought to you by Joe Emersberger. Read his letter to the UK Independent with his brief introduction, below. Sometimes the media will be honest about an issue, then disregard what it has documented at a future time when the information becomes much more embarrassing to Power. The case of Luis Posada Carriles […]

Filth Canada!

So, there’s an election on in Canada apparently. Everyone else is doing it (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Brazil, Israel, Palestine, maybe Haiti), why shouldn’t we? I didn’t pay much attention at first because I figured I’d already seen the episode: a report comes out, it turns out that the liberals are corrupt because they were […]