The Oracle

I caught a tiny bit of Kerry’s speech yesterday, Obama’s speech before that, and I am prepared to venture some predictions. First, I believe that the Democrats will win in November. Why? Not because I believe that the US is a democracy, or that the people’s will will prevail, or that the election is a […]

This just in — anti-poverty organization is broke again!

The importance of a resource base for trying to organize is hard to overstate. Much of the reason so much of the ‘left’ (such as it is) is based on or around campuses is resources: who else has the time, the space (I mean literally, the rooms), the opportunities. Well, there are other bases. The […]

March against the Wall begins…

There’s a major march against Israel’s Apartheid Wall has begun today. The repression has already begun, with Israel wounding 17 people at one of the first demonstrations. Not content with just repressing the march, Israel also assassinated a Palestinian in Tulkarem. Israel has been active in Tulkarem recently: for example, they leveled a home there […]

Still more on Sudan

I don’t use it too often, though perhaps I should — Al Jazeera reported today that the Arab League asked the international community to give Sudan time. To put it mildly, this is rather underwhelming. So is the Sudanese government’s own line, that the US is ‘using’ the crisis in Darfur. That the US is […]

A Tale Of True Spin

CACI International, the mercenary firm accused of conspiring with fellow “subcontractor” Titan to actively engage in torture, abuse and other prisoner mistreatment at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq is the subject of yet another torture-related lawsuit. This brings the tally to two civil lawsuits and at least five (probably ineffectual) government investigations. CACI is, needless […]

Sudan, Darfur

Mandisi Majavu makes an argument for sanctions against Sudan for its program of murderous ethnic cleansing in Darfur. Mandisi has been following the situation there in his blog. Meanwhile, The Passion of the Present blog is reproducing mainstream journals’ arguments for intervention. It quotes, for example, a Washington Post Editorial that says the following: “Sudan’s […]

Vile regime and sex tourists, follow-up

A friend just sent me this article from the Los Angeles Times with a bit more detail on the source and context of Bush’s hypocritical filth on Cuba (I apologize for using euphemisms in the description). It’s been a few days since I’ve seen any technical difficulties so I’m going to try to get back […]

The vile regime and its sex tourists

Another one a few days old now — technical difficulties, of course. But maybe you heard the latest round of Bush slanders and lies to justify violence? Nope, I’m not talking about the garbage about Iran’s ‘link’ to 9/11 (in which Iran is ‘linked’ because the hijackers traveled through Iran… didn’t they all travel through […]

For the consistency files

Anne Petter, a Jewish-American ISM activist, was allowed to enter Israel after a month in detention. Jamie Spector, a Jewish American ISM activist, was not — and was deported instead.