Yvon Neptune and Faking Genocide

A very important, very substantial two part research article by Kevin Skerrett on Haiti and the case of Yvon Neptune, the former Prime Minister of Haiti who was ousted in the Feb 29 2004 coup and who has been languishing in prison for about a year, having been charged after 11 months of languishing, with a set of total sham charges. Neptune is wasting away on hunger strike and is very likely going to die of starvation, one of the thousands of casualties of the coup. Skerrett reviews the evidence and examines the role of the Haitian ‘human rights’ group NCHR, including looking at where the money comes from… Canada… of course.


Justin Podur

Author: Justin Podur

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  1. Kevin did a great job on
    Kevin did a great job on this.

    Mainstream journalists should be embarrassed, but I suspect blushes will be few.

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