Quick story I got in the email. African American pharmacists at Walgreens have launched a class action lawsuit against that corporation for racial discrimination. I’ve blogged elsewhere about Black Americans and health care. It is among the deadliest impacts of racism in the US, though it is not usually understood that way. It is also one of the easiest to fix – universal health care would do nicely. Of course, it is harder to campaign for such a thing when the notion of ‘undeserving poor’ is so deeply ingrained into the culture, and when ‘undeserving poor’ is actually code for ‘Black’, and relies on racism, that makes it still harder. This lawsuit shows some of the connections as well: corporate power, the health care industry, and racism, all coming together.

Justin Podur

Author: Justin Podur

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  1. If you read the story it
    If you read the story it wasn’t pharmacists, it was management. It was eleven store managers out of 4700. I wouldn’t take every lawsuit you read as truth either.

  2. I got an email from one of
    I got an email from one of the pharmacists, who I corresponded with over a few weeks… I certainly didn’t go hunting for it.

  3. Walgreens have been
    Walgreens have been discriminating against African Americans for many years; They treat Blacks like slaves and work them like slaves; They treat the low income areas different than the high-income areas even the landscape is different in the high income areas, The Black Pharmaists are treated like slaves by Pharmacy Supervisor Carole Hardin-Oliver, and others but she is the worst,Hayden Holloway has retired, Both are Walgreens KKK.

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