To cut down a rebellion

Colombian riot police surround thousands of indigenous and labor activists in Cauca, in southwest Colombia. The number of protestors remains around 10,000, and has been that high for a week, according to on-site reports. Most of the demonstrators are indigenous Nasa people from the region, struggling to stay on their land. Others are sugar cane-workers […]

Can the Taliban Win? Pervez Hoodbhoy in Toronto (back on Oct 6)

On October 6 I was lucky enough to finally meet Pervez Hoodbhoy, the Pakistani activist and physicist, who I have long admired and corresponded with a little. He was going to be in Ottawa and on short notice people at the University of Toronto’s Munk Centre managed to organize a talk for him. The talk […]

The financial economy and the real economy: Notes on the economic crisis part 1

“This extraordinary capacity to finance not on past wealth but on the present value of future anticipated cash flows is at the core of America’s dynamic approach to wealth creation” – Edelstein, R., and Paul, J.M. Europe needs a new financial paradigm. Wall Street Journal Europe June 12-13, 1998. Quoted in The Fisherman and the […]

Media Democracy Day Thurs Oct 23, Toronto

For those in Toronto, please come to the Media Democracy Day conference and my workshop. Callout below. MEDIA DEMOCRACY DAY WORKSHOP 33 ST GEORGE ST TORONTO, ON 2:30-3:30 Organized by OPIRG U of T Left punditry: doing and presenting political analysis. This workshop is for the rogue opinionated radical, or (better), the activist with an […]

Myths for Profit

I have written a bit about Canadian foreign policy over the past few years. The big piece I wrote and built on since, I called “Canada for anti-imperialists”. That was about four years ago now. Since then, I learned two things. 1) Films can reach audiences that written articles can’t, and 2) I have absolutely […]