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The best analysis of the 2004 coup in Haiti, in my opinion, was by Peter Hallward’s “Option Zero in Haiti” in New Left Review. That article anchored my own analysis of what happened in Haiti and I found it immensely helpful in all the work I did. I thought there was a need for a longer analysis and I set about writing one in 2005. Other things intervened and I didn’t end up completing it, and I was very excited to learn that Peter Hallward’s book, “Damming the Flood”, will be coming out soon. That is a book I am really looking forward to getting, the more so because the concluding chapter has come out already and I got a great deal out of that. And still more so because of his interview with Aristide, in which every question I would have wanted to ask Aristide is asked, and answered extremely well. I wrote him to tell him so over email, but I realized that doing so wouldn’t encourage others to read it quite as well as posting it here, so I’m doing that too.

Justin Podur

Author: Justin Podur

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