Abbas Shaken Up as Dissent Grows

Signs are increasing that attempts to legitimate an orderly transfer of power in the West Bank and Gaza Strip to Mahmoud Abbas’ collaborationist regime are failing. Last Friday, clashes rocked Nablus as members of the Al-Awda Brigades clashed with Palestinian police and ‘army’ units brought in from Jericho after one of the resistance groups’ fighters was beaten […]

More on democracy flowering (Bolivia & Colombia)

First of all, readers probably know by now that Bolivia’s President (Mesa) has resigned. Readers probably remember that Mesa was not elected, but put in power in an agreement after the previous president, Sanchez de Lozada, was ousted. Mesa was ousted for doing the same sorts of things Sanchez de Lozada did – giving the […]

In case you didn’t think this blog celebrates democracy…

If you’re a regular visitor you know that this blog does not share in the general celebrations around the flowering of ‘democracy’ in the Israel-Occupied Palestinian Territories, nor in Lebanon, nor in Iraq, nor in Haiti, nor even in the Ukraine. Nor is this a place where the US is held up as the model […]

5 people killed in Alberta

The Canadian media are full of reports of 5 people killed in a shootout at a marijuana ‘grow-op’. 4 police officers conducting a raid were killed by a gunman, who himself was killed by return fire. All deaths are tragedies. Murders are particularly horrible. Preventable murders are still worse. People affected, the families, should have […]

Democracy in Lebanon!

There seems to be an orgy of self-congratulation in the media about the arrival of democracy in Lebanon. How wonderful. It’s like the Ukraine. Readers of this blog know the Ukraine situation was more complex than the people’s movement beating the Russian-backed authoritarian regime story declared in the West. The situation in Lebanon seems to […]