The Nepal Media Coup

If you haven’t heard about the coup in Nepal, you shouldn’t blame yourself. After all, Nepal is a monarchy, so when the monarch asserts power, you can’t hardly call it a coup, can you?

Take a look at this anonymous note we got at ZNet. The entire country has been shut down. There is another piece on ZNet about this with a bit more analysis.

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America, the place of ‘big dreams’

Full disclosure: I lacked the stomach to watch the whole thing, and anyway the television in the house was in intensive use (Gilmore Girls). But I caught the end, where Bush was talking about how America was the place of ‘big dreams’. From memory: “The abolition of slavery seemed like a big dream, until it happened.”

(I thought – yes, about 60 years after almost every other jurisdiction in the world and all the suffering and death implied there. And of course, the fact that every reference Bush makes to abolition is actually a coded message to his anti-abortion constituency).

Iraq’s election

Apologies for yet another absence.

It was technical difficulties again – a strange virus attack that had someone using my machine to send huge amounts of data (perhaps spam?). By the time I cleaned my machine my operating system was irretrievably damaged.

And so, those of you who have been advising me over the past weeks to switch to Linux – you have your wish. I am typing this from my old computer with a new operating system. There will be a time to talk about this more – I am getting more interested in both the technical side of these things and their larger implications.

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