Mechanisms of Denial: Interviewing Ilan Pappe lan Pappe is a professor of History at Haifa University in Israel. He is an activist for Palestinian rights. He was in Toronto in February to give the keynote speech at ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ at the University of Toronto. He was interviewed by telephone on February 5, 2005.

Free Speech continues

Of course I forgot the Lynne Stewart case in my attempt to chronicle the decline of such liberal traditions as exist in the US. Here’s a piece on it by David Cole of the Nation. It’s not the most solidaristic piece, but it’s got info. And another decent piece about the turns the Ward Churchill […]

A bad wind is blowing

These are bad times for this whole business of free speech. It is easily enough protected in theory. It just takes a lot of people who understand what it is and are willing to use it enough to defend it. In practice, that is lacking. The results are bad. They are getting worse. Let’s start […]