The Iraq Election

A radio link from Dahr Jamail seems to point out the obvious. The elections aren’t free. If you’ve been following the debate between Gilbert Achcar and Alex Callinicos, which has some interesting parts in it, you’re familiar with some of the things that have been said. Schwartz’s media guide was interesting and useful as well.

Hotel Rwanda

I watched Hotel Rwanda last night. It was a good movie on multiple levels. Nick Nolte played the person who was supposed to be Romeo Dallaire, and he played the helpless hapless general’s role well. At one point he’s explaining to the main character how the world won’t intervene because the West thinks Africans are […]

The Colombia Venezuela Crisis

As of yesterday Colombians will require visas to visit Venezuela. Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe Velez is planning a visit to the border. The chancellors of the two countries are still meeting in Lima. The Wayuu indigenous people who live on both sides of the border, hundreds of whom were displaced last year by paramilitary massacre […]

No excuses

The Colombian government representative at the Colombia-Venezuela meeting, Carolina Barco, said “there will be no apologies, there will be no nothing” (that’s a rough translation). Barco and her counterpart Ali Rodriguez (also Venezuela’s foremost oil expert with a long career in that field) met in Peru to try to defuse the crisis. Apart from that, […]

A Change in Palestine?

There is still much going on between Colombia and Venezuela, but I’ll hold off reporting on what’s going on in the Colombian press on the topic until the meeting tomorrow between Colombian and Venezuelan officials, the first since the crisis flared up. It’s worth mentioning though that the FARC haven’t been silent on this. The […]

The Colombian press on the Colombia-Venezuela crisis

Today’s El Tiempo (Colombia’s national paper) is where one can find a summary of the Colombian establishment position. Chavez wants something simple: an apology from Uribe. El Tiempo says such a request is absurd, since Chavez is too ‘permissive’ with FARC. Phrases like ‘permissive with terrorism’ are useful all-purpose slurs that don’t require evidence, particularly […]


Sorry about the absence. I was away from the machine for a little while. Specifically, I was giving this talk in Ottawa. Difficult subjects, and the intent, as always, is to open a conversation, not to deliver the definitive answer. Of course, since I’m someone opinionated enough to have a blog, my questions can sometimes […]

War Profiteering and Us [A talk given in Ottawa on January 21 to an anti-imperialist group at the beginning of a national campaign against SNC-Lavalin, a Canadian engineering firm with a huge number of contracts including a large bullet contract with the US Military].

The Surreal World of Campus Activism part 4

Just when you thought campus activism couldn’t get any weirder. You remember the young woman removed from a campus group for expressing an opinion about an email she received? You remember the young man expelled from campus for unauthorized use of a sound amplification device? The young man charged (charged!) for saying “I’ll be famous […]