bin Laden and Seymour Hersh

I was away from the major cities of North America, with no internet access, though not quite out of news range. I used some of the time to read Seymour Hersh’s book, “Chain of Command”, though of course bin Laden’s pro-Bush campaigning took over yesterday’s media space. Some thoughts on each. bin Laden for Bush […]


I’m on the road until Halloween. May be able to blog from the road but I’m not sure. If not, see you in a few days…

Eminem and Iraq

Despite wanting desperately not to, I’ve always found Eminem to be extremely witty. I enjoy mainstream culture and art much more than a radical ought to: I just appreciate displays of talent in some realms, even if the talent is in the service of a bad cause. Eminem is very unkind to women in his […]

Problems with mercenary dreams

I was visiting Under the Same Sun yesterday (a daily routine) and I found a discussion on the options the US has for dealing with its ‘manpower’ problem in Iraq. The manpower problem is rather simple: occupying a country, unlike bombing it or slaughtering its inhabitants with tons of firepower, takes a lot of troops. […]

China set to buy up Canada’s resources (from the United States)

What an odd article on the front page of Canada’s national newspaper today. The title: “China set to buy up Canada’s resources“. It’s as if the paper has never heard of the massive control over Canada’s natural resources exercised by the United States. Then you get the story talking about China’s human rights record (oh […]

Israel kills a “top Hamas leader”

The nice thing for Israel about killing “top Hamas leaders” is 1) you get to kill someone, 2) no one will be upset because, after all, it was a “top Hamas leader”, and 3) after you’ve killed a “top Hamas leader”, there will be another one to take his place. Another thing not to worry […]

One every three hours in Gaza

You can read about the ongoing massacre at At the same site, there is a good analysis by Ghassan Andoni, one of the founders of the International Solidarity Movement and a columnist at IMEMC on the aims of this “Days of Penitence” operation. (For some analysis from the Israeli side, check Uri Avnery’s or […]

The Killing Train stays well behind the curve

We continue our long-overdue analysis of the right wing movement in the United States. When a friend mentioned that George Bush mentioned the Dred Scott case and the fugitive slave law in the 2nd presidential debate with John Kerry, I thought it odd. The initial suggestion was that this was an incredibly ineffective way of […]