Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike

There is a hunger strike on in Palestine. It is very significant, and the prisoners are in a very precarious position. One woman has already died. Please check Sumoud, a Toronto-based solidarity group, for constant updates on the hunger strike.

More on Arquimedes Vitonas

I wrote a piece on the disappearance of my friend Arquimedes Vitonas. It is here, please read it. I will continue to update this story as I hear more. I apologize for not blogging as frequently as I had before the blog system changed. I will try to get back to it more frequently in […]

The Disappeared Mayor

On August 22, 2004, a commission of leaders left the indigenous community of Toribio, part of the municipality of Toribio in the Department of Cauca, Colombia, to go to a community called Alta Mira in the municipality of San Vicente del Caguan, in the Department of Caqueta. The commission was led by the mayor of […]

The disappeared mayor

The initial communique from the Northern Cauca indigenous councils on the kidnapping of Arquimedes Vitonas, the mayor of Toribio and activist in the indigenous movement, has been translated. I include it below. I will try to put something together soon on the kidnapping for the ZNet site this weekend. Below the communque are emails and […]

A kidnapping in Cauca

I am writing to apologize for taking so long to write back. Readers were writing me asking about my safety. You are too kind. In fact it is not my safety that I am writing about right now. Nor the safety of the Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike, which I should have been writing […]

Carter and Gaviria find find “NO EVIDENCE OF FRAUD”

Now it seems that it really is all over, save for some possibly tragic and desperate acts by the opposition. At a 1:30pm press conference at the Gran Melia hotel, Carter and Gaviria both affirmed that their analysis and results confirmed the preliminary results of the National Electoral Council. No Evidence, No Evidence, No Evidence […]

Venezuela: Chavez wins, the opposition doesn´t respect the victory

President Carraquero of the National Electoral Council announced the preliminary result as of 3:47 am just now (4:10am) with between 94-96% of the results in. The result: 58% NO (4 991 483 million votes) and 42% SI (3 576 517 million votes). In other words, it´s all over, right? It should be. The Electoral Council, […]