Countdown to Canadian Election

So it’s almost over, and it’s still the ‘nail-biting’ race that it was at the beginning. It is ironic that this is the weekend of gay/lesbian pride, when probably millions all over Canada will celebrate, and tomorrow we could elect a homophobic fascist for a prime minister.

It always amazes me how hard-right administrations squeak into for various bizarre reasons or with very narrow mandates (Bush because the election was a statistical tie, his brother helped him cheat, and the Reagan-era appointed Supreme Court sealed the deal; Harper because of media ‘scandals’ and divisions in the Liberal party) and then proceed to do devastating, irreparable damage to the infrastructures and political culture of the country. More left or centrist administrations get in with bigger mandates and find they can’t do anything at all… sometimes not even because they don’t want to do anything.

Justin Podur

Author: Justin Podur

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