Shock and awe (C.P. Pandya)

Coming to an electronics store near you: high-voltage stun guns. I couldn’t make this up if I tried. Wall Street-darling Taser International, maker of “nonlethal weapons” (that have been shown on at least 40 occasions to contribute to death), said recently it is in talks with electronics chain Sharper Image, among other retailers, to sell […]


An interesting piece from a few days back. Argentines are supposed to be sending 600 troops to Haiti as part of the multilateral occupation/coup protection force. Some Argentines, like the Chileans I blogged about earlier, are displeased with the idea. An EFE story from June 25 describes it (I’ve pasted it below). In other Haiti […]

The suspension of the sale of Spanish tanks to Colombia

It’s just a headline at and you have to register to see more. But this is very good news as well. As readers know, the tanks were of serious concern to Venezuela. Again, you have to admire the Venezuelan regime for handling the thing this way: once they had the ‘smoking gun’ and Colombia’s […]


The Canadian population, like India’s a few months ago and Spain’s before that, has stared into the abyss and decided not to jump in. To do so, they had to hold their nose and vote in a system of lousy choices. But even with all their limitations, elections often reveal a kind of democratic genius […]

Iraq, War, Farenheit, Clinton, and other stuff

A few things, now that I have a minute to blog again. First, it seems they did the ‘handover’ of sovereignty in Iraq a couple of days early. Now Saddam Hussein can be tried before an Iraqi court. One wonders if that court will get into his long history with the CIA and such… perhaps […]

Your blogger goes to bed in a good mood

More tomorrow, but three pieces of excellent news. First, the Canadian elections — the Conservatives lost. It looks like a Liberal minority government. The NDP is stronger and so is the Bloc. This is very good. It’s a capitalist system, the rules are unfair, but there is a tiny bit of space for citizens to […]

Countdown to Canadian Election

So it’s almost over, and it’s still the ‘nail-biting’ race that it was at the beginning. It is ironic that this is the weekend of gay/lesbian pride, when probably millions all over Canada will celebrate, and tomorrow we could elect a homophobic fascist for a prime minister. It always amazes me how hard-right administrations squeak […]

Some serious killing in Nablus

This being one of those periods of ‘calm’ when only Palestinians are being killed, you probably wouldn’t know that 11 Palestinians were killed in Nablus by the Israeli military in the course of a recent ‘operation’. And dozens of people injured along the wall as they try to protest against it. And the starvation in […]

‘Support the Resistance’?

Read an interesting piece by Walden Bello on ‘Empire and Resistance’ in Iraq. He believes that “that the crisis of the empire is not o­nly good for the world. It is good for the people of the United States as well, for it opens up the possibility of Americans relating to other peoples as equals […]

Israel/Palestine and IMEMC

Tanya Reinhart is indispensable on Israel/Palestine. So, too, is IMEMC. Go to it, and you’ll find yourself in a different world from the mainstream media. You’ll learn about the latest murders by the Israeli army in the Occupied Territories — like the 19 year old killed in Nablus and the three more killed in Gaza […]