Another Modest Proposal

There are several proposals floating about how to deal with the “Iraq Problem”.

One wrong-headed one was released in December 2002. It suggested that the US arm and support Iran to engage in regime change in Iraq. It argued that because Iran was Shi’ite (like the majority of Iraqis), because Iran had no record of supporting Saddam Hussein (unlike the United States), it was in a better position to invade, occupy, and otherwise liberate Iraq than the United States was.

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Instead of War

Inspections, not war?

The world is saying no to war. But demanding inspections as an alternative might not be enough to derail the war.

This must be the most unpopular war in history. Anti-war marches on February 15 brought out a million each in Madrid and Barcelona, a million in London, 800,000 in Paris, over 100,000 in New York, 500,000 in Berlin, 250,000 in Sydney, and many, many more in actions all over the world.

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Elections in Pakistan

Z ia Mian is a scholar and activist on South Asian and disarmament issues at the Center for Science and Global Security at Princeton University in New Jersey and teaches there in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. He was interviewed about the implications of the first national and provincial elections in Pakistan under the military order established by General Pervez Musharraf.

JUSTIN PODUR: Who won the elections in Pakistan?

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