Books by Justin Podur

The Demands of the Dead: a novel My novel The Demands of the Dead is out as of September 2014. It's a self-publication, inspired by authors like Hugh Howley, available on KDP and Smashwords (as an e-book) and on CreateSpace as a physical book. Cover design by Suzy Harris-Brandts.

See trailer and reviews on the Demands of the Dead page. About the book: When police killed his two best friends in a supposedly accidental shooting, detective Mark Brown left the force bitter and angry, abandoning a promising career and leaving his special skills to languish. A year later, the trail of one of the killers has Mark looking south, to Mexico, just as he receives a mysterious, anonymous, encrypted message over e-mail: The dead demand much more than vengeance. The same day, two Mexican police are murdered in guerrilla territory in Chiapas, Mexico, where the Zapatista rebels face the Mexican government in a deadly conflict in which no one is safe and no one can afford to be neutral. A US firm close to the Mexican government is contracted to do an independent investigation, and they want Mark in the field. But does anyone want the truth to come out? The Mexican police stand accused of corruption and collusion in drug trafficking. The rebels and their apparently benign supporters have secrets of their own. And the US Embassy wants Mark to use his new contacts to bolster their intelligence on the rebellion. Drawn into the conflict zone by the connection to the deaths of his friends, Mark finds that he has to work on both sides to solve the case, in a place where any mistake could endanger lives – or reignite a war.


Haiti's New Dictatorship

My book Haiti’s New Dictatorship: The Coup, the Earthquake, and the UN Occupation, is out (as of October 2012). The US co-publisher is Palgrave Macmillan and the Canadian co-publisher is Between the Lines. A short blurb about the book: In 1804 Haiti became the world’s first independent Black republic following a slave revolution. Two hundred years later, ravaged by colonialism and violence, it was placed under a UN military occupation. Justin Podur reveals the reality of a supposedly benign international occupation, arguing that the denial of sovereignty is the fundamental cause of Haiti’s problems.

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Other books

A chapter on Incompatible Objectives: Development and Counterinsurgency in Canada’s Afghanistan Strategy, will be part of the collection Empire’s Ally, edited by Jerome Klassen and Greg Albo, in January 2013.

A chapter on Racism, Culture, and a Participatory Society is in Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century, by AK Press 2008. Edited by Chris Spannos.