An attack on Dr. Mukwege

Gunmen came to Dr.Mukwege’s house in Bukavu, killed his security guard, and almost killed him. Here is a profile I wrote of Mukwege in 2009 for The Progressive Magazine. Here is the press release from PMU.

The Latest Colombian Peace Process

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has reinitiated a dialogue with the FARC. Talks began in Oslo and will continue in Havana. The Colombian government suspended orders to capture the 29 members of FARC’s negotiating team as long as the negotiations take place, but have warned that they will be arrested if they try to leave […]

Updating my archives – Palestine 2002, Chiapas 2000

I have been updating my Writings Archive (see the tab above) and making sure that all of the links are working, putting copies of the material published elsewhere into this blog so it’s all searchable and such. Part of this is re-posting work that hasn’t been on the internet in a long time, so it’s […]