Wikileaks Cablegate! Panamanians hope for a successful coup!

I was just peeking around Wikileaks’s Cablegate ( This looks like the real thing folks! Take a look at this 1989 cable on Panama for example: SUBJECT: PANAMANIANS HOPE FOR A SUCCESSFUL COUP More analysis to follow… Also there’s Haiti elections. Isabel’s article should help you get started.

Political theory interlude

Manuel suggested I read Norberto Bobbio, an Italian socialist writer on democracy. So I picked up his “Which Socialism?” In it, Bobbio argues that there’s no necessary connection between democracy and socialism. Contrary to what socialists would like to believe, democracy doesn’t automatically happen in a socialist economy. And also, democracies don’t automatically evolve towards […]

Canadian democracy – procedural tricks to kill the planet

Canada’s weak climate change bill was killed by the Senate today (see the star article for example). The Harper people’s vision for the country isn’t compatible with trying to stop climate change. This is known, and unsurprising. What is interesting to me is the procedural trick used to make this change. The Star story: “A […]

The Haditha Massacre in the Iraq War Diary

I did a query of the Iraq War Diary for all entries on November 19, 2005 (there were 179). Among them was this entry on the Haditha massacre. It has been seriously redacted, possibly more than other entries, as it appears quite incomplete, with no explanation of how the casualties came about: Report Key: 0A491DB1-A4BB-4983-BE25-6140DB64BF38 […]

Citation thoughts

I spent some time looking at Yves Engler’s “Black Book of Canadian Foreign Policy” and “Canada and Israel” and noticed that he cites work in a non-standard way. Dawn Paley’s recent review of the Black Book, posted on the Vancouver Media Co-op, describes it this way, and I agree:

Teaching: Jacques Ranciere and Sugata Mitra

A few months ago I was blown away by Sugata Mitra’s TED talk on child-driven education. Mitra’s thesis is that children can teach themselves. What they need is not teachers who know how to do what they are trying to learn, but materials, problems, one another (groups), and perhaps encouragement. Mitra put computers out and […]