Congo Week

Congo Week is coming to the University of Toronto. I’ll be speaking on October 20th and my friend Brad Macintosh on October 15th. If you’re in Toronto, check it out. Schedules here at:

An award weirder than Obama’s Peace Prize

Seriously. The Colombian magazine, Semana, and its owner, Alejandro Santos, just won a COHA award for Excellence in Print Journalism. Santos comes from one of Colombia’s most powerful families and Semana, while I’ll admit that it is an indispensable source (like El Tiempo), is thoroughly an establishment outlet. COHA, meanwhile, is also indispensable, but perhaps […]

The M-19 Palace of Justice Takeover in 1985: New Documents

The amazing National Security Archive strikes again, this time showing how the Colombian army is responsible for the deaths of 70 people when they raided Colombia’s Palace of Justice following the guerrilla group M-19’s takeover of it in 1985. The most striking note in it, that accords with anecdotes I’ve heard from people who were […]