From wikileaks, and UNASUR

A couple of things today. First, this wikileaks leak on US Army military management is worth mentioning and worth a read. The point is something that is familiar in this world of ’embedded journalism’ (John Cusack’s satirical film, War Inc., did a great job taking this ’embedded journalism’ to its logical conclusion, where journalists get […]

SWAT teams attack indigenous in Cauca

This came over ACIN’s list and was translated into English I think by La Chiva. I reposted it to En Camino and you can read it here. Colombia’s regime is able to go on the offensive regionally and domestically at the same time. Further on Colombia, a friend of mine from Toronto, Todd Gordon, wrote […]

Possible Massacre in Choco

Not much is known yet about who is responsible or even who the victims were. But in Choco, one of the regions of Colombia with the largest Afro-Colombian presence and the hardest-hit by paramilitaries, it seems that at least one person was murdered and three others disappeared. The association of indigenous councils of Northern Cauca […]

The FARC laptops and INTERPOL’s investigation

IPS’s excellent Constanza Viera did a very good report (like all her reports on Colombia) on the Interpol analysis of the FARC laptops captured by the Colombian government after they invaded Ecuador and assassinated Raul Reyes in March. It notes that the laptops were interfered with in the first 48 hours after the capture, but […]

A brutal week

Natural disasters are always exacerbated by social ones. On the one hand, there is what Naomi Klein argues in “The Shock Doctrine”, that elites exploit disasters of any kind to reorganize society in their own interests. On the other, there is what Amartya Sen won the Nobel Prize for: revealing that undemocratic regimes with unfree […]