My ugly city, and Christie Blatchford’s contribution to it

I was still reeling from the way the media handled the recent TTC strike when I was subjected to a truly inane article by Christie Blatchford in the Globe and Mail. Comparing the Toronto 18, who I’ve written about before, to the gangsters in the Wire (which I haven’t written about though I did spend […]

My ugly city

I live in Toronto. I live right in the city, and have no car. I get around using public transit – the TTC. Over the weekend, TTC employees went on strike, against a deal that wasn’t all that transparently presented in the media but the contentious part of which involved the increasing use of short-term […]

Some more audio

Some more audio tracks for those of you who listen to streaming audio. I was on Chris Cook’s fine CFUV radio show, again, to talk about the KI first nation and Platinex and Ontario mining. The audio is here. The other weekend I was in Texas doing some talks on climate change and environmental issues. […]

Water’s not a human right, thanks to Canada

Just read that Canada maneuvered to ensure water wouldn’t be a basic human right at the UN. My first thought was: couldn’t Canada have just allowed it to become a human right, and then ignored it, as with all other rights? And then I realized that it is another element of abandoning hypocrisy, which the […]

Some environmental books

I gave a couple of environmental talks in Texas over the weekend, which have since been published on the web. One on sustainability in general. The other on climate change, science and politics. To prepare for them and before and since, I read a bunch of environmental books, that I’ll discuss below.