Colombian local elections – as indecisive as predicted

Yesterday I blogged about the Colombian local elections. The results are in, and they are just as indecisive as analyst Simone Bruno predicted in the article I mentioned yesterday. The Polo Democratico, Colombia’s democratic left party that has been on the rise, won the mayor’s seat in Bogota and the government of the department of […]

Local elections in Colombia

A friend of mine, Simone Bruno, wrote a fine article in Spanish on the local and regional elections in Colombia that are taking place today. Some highlights from his piece. -22 candidates have been assassinated -8 others were assassinated before announcing their candidacy -36000 candidates under police protection -family members of candidates have been murdered […]

The foolishness of Canada’s liberals

Unlike most leftists, I happen to think that we spend too much time ranting against liberals, as opposed to, say, putting forth practical and workable versions of our own ideas and presenting strategic ideas and commentary. Liberals aren’t, after all, us. They have a different vision for society, different interests, and different strategies. They share […]