The Thermopylae Psyop

First, I admit I loved the movie. Compelling characters, spectacular visuals, impressive choreography, good dialogue – including lots from the historical record. But it’s the kind of movie where the better the movie, the worse it is. But this isn’t a review of the movie 300. It’s not a take on its historical inaccuracies, which […]

Tanya Reinhart

I received news that Tanya Reinhart died suddenly in New York. She was always one of my guides on Israel/Palestine. When I went there in 2002 she was very helpful to me, personally, and I only didn’t get to visit her in person because I fell sick. It is far too soon for her to […]

The Para-Scandal and the Bush Visit in Colombia: An interview with Jorge Robledo

Jorge Robledo has been a Colombian senator with the Polo Democratico Alternativo (PDA), a democratic left party, since 2002. In recent years he has given a national voice to the opposition to the ‘free trade agreement’ between the US and Colombia, which has delivered the country’s public sector industries, resources and territories to multinationals. In […]

Patrick Elie in Toronto

Patrick Elie (who has taught me much of what I know about Haiti)was in Toronto last night giving the Toronto Haiti Action Coalition an update on what is happening in Haiti. Patrick came in So Ann’s stead (I interviewed her in prison in 2005). So Ann needed to rest, according to her doctors, after a […]

Jamal Zahalka quoted Hannah Arendt in Toronto

It’s true. In his talk, “Debunking the Myth of Israeli Democracy”, Jamal Zahalka quoted Hannah Arendt. I think. He might or might not have quoted Hegel, I can’t remember. He definitely quoted Hannah Arendt. He also quoted Spiro Agnew, which was weird. He definitely didn’t quote Hitler though, which is apparently what they’ve started saying […]