More on Cauca

I just published another piece, updating the situation in Cauca. The government is engaging in a whole wave of repressions…

Colombian Government’s Counteroffensive

Vicente Otero was once the elected mayor of the small Colombian town of Caldono in the department of Cauca. He was instrumental in the Nasa indigenous movement’s recent referendum against the Free Trade Agreement, in which record numbers participated and in which the FTA was unanimously rejected. He has long been an important leader in […]

Palestinians in Israel’s Prisons: Interviewing Sahar Francis Sahar Francis is a lawyer and human rights advocate in the Occupied Territories. She works with Addameer ( in Ramallah in the Occupied West Bank on political prisoner’s rights campaigns. In April 2005, she was part of a North American tour organized by Sumoud ( to raise issues of Palestinian prisoners internationally. I interviewed […]

Reporters without borders is a sham

There is something peculiar about the way colonialism works today. The most sophisticated colonial projects use the rhetoric of human rights, democracy, and even anti-racism in their favour. This has a profoundly immobilizing effect on those who are actually trying to support struggles for self-determination. All the ‘democracy promotion’ that’s been going on at the […]

Jalalabad Massacre

It’s not everyday we talk about Afghanistan. When we do, it’s often in passing, it’s mentioned as part of a laundry list of occupations we’re fighting against and then we usually move on. At least that’s been my experience.

Status For All – By the Numbers

I was suprised to read in the French daily Liberation this morning that the Spanish government is set to regularize some 600,000 non-status people in that country. The number falls short of the 800,000 initially promised by the Zapatero government – or the demand by immigrant/refugee rights movements to grant ‘Status for All’ – but […]

Report from (just outside) the shareholder’s meeting of a Canadian war profiteer

I have had the honour of participating in a so-far small but I believe politically important campaign against Canadian war profiteering, focusing on a corporation called SNC-Lavalin. I gave a long talk to a group about the topic, with some information on the corporation and some thoughts on related issues, a few months ago. Today, […]

Threats from the smugglers and the drug people

Lots on Northern Cauca coming – Uribe’s made his political countermove, trying to undermine the indigenous organization. I’ll get some stuff on ACIN’s response soon. Meantime though, let me report on a rather bizarre experience I had on the weekend. I attended the Council on American-Islamic Relations-Canada (CAIR-Can) fundraiser on Saturday evening. CAIR-Can is an […]