Cauca Update

There is a great deal going on in Colombia even beyond Cauca. I am a bit backlogged in terms of article writing, but an article updating and explaining the situation throughout Colombia is definitely on the agenda. Meanwhile, some more information on the military and political situation in Northern Cauca. I forgot to link here […]

Canadian politics

This was a long day, and the kind of day I’ve needed. This morning I was on a Jamaican radio program called ‘The Breakfast Club’ – discussing Canadian politics, more or less debating a University of Toronto professor called Nelson Wiseman. Wiseman provided a ‘mainstream Canadian politics 101’ for the Jamaican audience, and I tried […]

Will people power have a chance in Colombia?

Yesterday (April 22), as the attacks on their communities continue to intensify, the indigenous communities of Northern Cauca, specifically Toribio and now Jambalo, convoked an assembly in the main city of the region, Santander de Quilichao. Supporters of the movement came, on very short notice, from different parts of the country, to affirm the indigenous […]

Ecuador’s President Lucio Gutierrez falls

I have much more about Northern Cauca to present here, starting with Hector Mondragon’s article which I translated. But in the meantime Ecuador’s President, Lucio Gutierrez, seems to have gone the way of Bolivia’s Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada in 2003. What happened? I’ve been receiving reports all week but I haven’t read most of them […]

CRIC on Toribio

Here is the communique from the Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca on the situation in Toribio, where there were ‘combats’ between the FARC and the Colombian military, causing the death of a 9-year old child, the wounding of some 20 (six of these seriously, though apparently 4 adults were not killed, which I had reported […]

AFSC Note on Toribio

While I translate the communiques from the community itself, here is a piece from the American Friends Service Committee (which I believe is Quakers) on Toribio. Friends and relatives, Attached you will find an urgent action on the Nasa indigenous peace communities in the Cauca region of southwest Colombia. This community isaccompanied by AFSC, one […]

Some English material on the (latest) San Jose de Apartado Massacre

This piece, remarkably, ran in the Colombian daily, El Tiempo, a few weeks ago. I have had the translation for some time, and haven’t republished it here – I should apologize both to the writer and to the translator for the delay. The translator is a friend who I’ve spent time with in Colombia. The […]