Waving at Bush with all five fingers

Bush extended thanks to the Canadians who waved at him with all five fingers. I can’t blog very much right now, but I can tell you there were tens of thousands waving. There was a spirited march from city hall to parliament hill, and at Bush’s dinner appointment at the Museum of Civilization there was […]

A Canada Reading Story

Before heading off to Ottawa, a quick blog. Of course it would be great if I were able to blog from the demonstrations but I can’t make any promises. Meanwhile, a piece of advice for readers coming to Canada – stop reading! Books, that is. Mahmoud Namini, a Dutch Citizen and an Iranian Refugee, was […]

Kole (not Cole)

My friend Kole will, like CP Pandya, occasionally be contributing insightful commentary to this blog. Kole is just what we need more of – an activist with lots of ideas and energy, who already knows a lot and is always learning more. Just back from spending 10 months in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, where Kole […]

Anyone Surprised?

So the US and the Iraqi political parties it is sponsoring want to delay elections. Readers who follow this link will be impressed by the hypocrisy. Every story you read about Iraq now seems to have an obligatory feature about how many bodies the United States is finding as it turns a place like Fallujah […]

Ukraine continues

John Laughland has an interesting article on the Ukraine’s opposition movement, in which he takes an oppositional stance. He confirms much of what Kole said in the comments section in the previous blog post on Ukraine from two days ago.

Hector M and a little more

I have the honour of translating Hector Mondragon’s work. He is a very under-appreciated analyst and activist who lives underground in Colombia because he’s on paramilitary hit lists. His latest piece calls attention to the imperial visits Bush has been making and the lack of success Bush has been having in these whirlwind trips. Canadians […]

Exit polls, the Ukraine…

Another election, another battle over the results. The story is all over the mainstream media, though the Ukraine almost never shows up on the radar otherwise. The election was between an incumbent who apparently is backed by Russia (Viktor Yanukovych) and a “pro-Western reformer” (Viktor Yushchenko), and it was… ahem… very close. According to the […]


The plan is to be on the road until Tuesday afternoon, but I might be able to blog from the road.

Analyses, big and small

‘Big-picture’ analysis is always a dicey proposition especially when it seems that there are always emergencies to try and respond to. Responding to the raiding of yet another mosque, shooting and killing 4 people at prayer, with analysis, seems inappropriate. Especially when, by the time you hear about the mosque massacre, there are already bombings […]