Your blogger goes to bed in a good mood

More tomorrow, but three pieces of excellent news.

First, the Canadian elections -- the Conservatives lost. It looks like a Liberal minority government. The NDP is stronger and so is the Bloc. This is very good. It's a capitalist system, the rules are unfair, but there is a tiny bit of space for citizens to do the right thing -- and they really did do it tonight. Something to celebrate.

Second, apparently the sale of tanks to Colombia by Spain, something that has been worrying many Venezuelans for quite some time, has been suspended. More on that tomorrow.

Countdown to Canadian Election

So it's almost over, and it's still the 'nail-biting' race that it was at the beginning. It is ironic that this is the weekend of gay/lesbian pride, when probably millions all over Canada will celebrate, and tomorrow we could elect a homophobic fascist for a prime minister.

Some serious killing in Nablus

This being one of those periods of 'calm' when only Palestinians are being killed, you probably wouldn't know that 11 Palestinians were killed in Nablus by the Israeli military in the course of a recent 'operation'. And dozens of people injured along the wall as they try to protest against it. And the starvation in Gaza. And the humiliations of the checkpoints. Is Palestinians' desperation really so difficult to understand?

'Support the Resistance'?

Read an interesting piece by Walden Bello on 'Empire and Resistance' in Iraq. He believes that "that the crisis of the empire is not o­nly good for the world. It is good for the people of the United States as well, for it opens up the possibility of Americans relating to other peoples as equals and not as masters, really learning from them, and really respecting and appreciating them.

Another murder against the unions in Colombia

Because the campaign against unionists and activists is so blatant and murderous in Colombia, these folks are often provided with bodyguards or allowed to have them. In the past, the Colombian government has tried to strip unionists of this protection, or replace trusted bodyguards with agents of the state or paramilitaries. A more obvious strategy is simply to use the paramilitaries to kill the trusted bodyguards, and that was the strategy taken against a SINTRAMETAL (metalworker's union) bodyguard and his wife on June 22. Details below.

Sudan's crisis

Reading the Toronto Star for the Fear and Loathing Report I came across an article on Sudan, which continues to get worse., as the war leads to humanitarian crisis, as inevitably occurs. Most of the people who die in wars -- I realize this is repeated over and over -- don't die from bullets or bombs, but from starvation and disease due to the collapse of infrastructures.

Fear, Loathing, and some hilarious news from Canada

First, on the election. Sorry I missed a few days. It is a combination of several things. First, boredom. Despite being a 'nail biting', 'tight race', when the candidates and the media agree on so much it is hard to keep motivated for daily commentary. Second, my own fear and loathing have been getting the better of me and making me want to just forget about it all. But, here we are and I owe you a report. So, here goes.