Justin (and anyone else who might know)

Speaking of Venezuela, I'm looking for imformation/analysis of the decsion by Chavez to lend Ecuador oil to help ease the impact of the recent shutdown of Ecuador's oil industry.

Protestors shut down the industry demanding a greater share of the benefits from the oil trade for the people in the Amazon region who have certainly born more than their fair share of the costs. The protestos have apparantly won some important concessions.

Is Chavez undercutting the power of the Ecuadorian protestors, or is he (hopefully) working behind the scenes to help them out?

Some relevant links

Sometime Killing Train blogger Pandya has written a commentary for Counterpunch on the whole Pat Robertson/Venezuela business that I thought was good. Check it out if you haven't already.

Also, my friend Tarek, who blogged from Iraq last year, also blogged from Iraq over the past summer. His pieces are personal essays, sometimes very moving, always out of the ordinary. Take a look (I'm writing the URL out from memory because his server isn't working just this second... but I'll come back and fix it).