A syllogism for Major General Andrew Leslie

Hi Justin,

I reviewed Major General Leslie's comments too in my blog (http://www.politicalconscience.net/wordpress/?p=41), as well as conveying your comments on General Hillier.

My reading is that part of this PR is probably "rhetorical preparation for the eventual takeover of US 'security operations' in Afghanistan by NATO in 2006." Canada is an enthusiastic part of the NATO ISAF presence in Afghanistan, and it looks like Leslie and Hillier are preparing the Canadian public for this long-term "commitment" to step into the US military role there.

Or at least desensitizing them from the inevitable dead soldiers and terrorist attacks that will be the result.


Surely you're making this up? Surely...

Is it just me or does the logo for the conference look like it should be adopted by the Anarchist Black Cross or some similar organisation? "Barbed wire and handcuffs cannot hold us down" etc. etc.


As a Master Gunner I worked with Andrew when he was a captain in 1 RCHA in Germany (in 1986/87). He was an innovative officer, always open to new ideas but a bit rash in adopting them.
He was a ray of sunshine among a lot of traditional officers.
He dared to fire our M 109 A1 howitzers broadside when everyone flinched, after all the Israeli and Brits did it for years. He always got the job done, and that's what counts.
I retired in Germany after 30 years im the RCHA and the Can AB Regt, but I'll always proud to say that I served with Andrew Leslie.
As a matter of fact, I was his arty instuctor during basic officer training in CFB Gagetown.
William Fairbanks, CD
Master Gunner


Wake up

Your anti-war rant is rapidly growing old and tiresome. The actions of the Canadian Forces is admirable and without these sacrifices where would Canada be? I'll tell you where we'll be as within 30 days of withdrawal from a conflict the scum who insist on cowardice acts of terrorism and act outside Islamic Law will be active within our boundaries. What will the response be Oh No where's the Army.

Well Assholes!!! all I can say is that if you think that you can make the world a safer place, than take your lazy Ass over there and attempt to reason with them. And oh yes don't expect the Canadian Gov't of the CF to come to your rescue as you get your just deserves.


Between Hillier's recent spate of commentary and Major-General Andrew Leslie's recent poison on Candian airwaves, it is clear that there is some kind of media operation underway. The target is the Canadian population. The objective is to try to develop a level of racist bloodlust. The means is pretty basic American propaganda.

My speculation is that a bunch of these guys went to the US on some kind of exchange and were told by some Washington PR firms to put certain messages into the media upon their return to Canada, and the Canadian media is eating it up, though the consequences will be dire.

Let's move away from speculation to direct quotes. The Major-General made his comments at a pretty bizarre conference called 'Handcuffs and Hand Grenades' (no, I'm not making that up).

So, what were the good Major-General's comments?

"Afghanistan is a 20-year venture," he said, but "There are things worth fighting for. There are things worth dying for. There are things worth killing for."

Usually an antiwar type could juxtapose such despicable sentiments (in context they are despicable, out of context they are just banal, and in a different context - like say, fighting *against* a foreign occupation - they are perfectly sensible. In other words, fighting against occupiers and for self-determination is widely considered something worth dying and killing for. Occupying someone else's land is not.) with images or facts about those suffering and dying at the hands of the likes of Major-General Andrew Leslie. But in fact, the Major-General's comments are, like Hillier's garbage from days before, self-contradictory. Because in the same set of comments, Leslie added:

"Every time you kill an angry young man overseas, you're creating 15 more
who will come after you."

So, let's just put together Leslie's argument. Let's add no other context or commentary, save perhaps some of Hillier's words from last week:

1. Canada will be in Afghanistan for 20 years.
2. Canada is there to kill people, and for Canadian soldiers to die.
3. Every time we kill, we are creating 15 more who will come after us.

I don't know about you, but this doesn't strike me as an optimal strategy. But then, maybe the place to go for strategies on safety and security isn't a conference called 'Handcuffs and Hand Grenades'.