Badri Raina's Archive

My adopted uncle Badri Raina is, in my opinion, one of the wiser voices on Indian politics. He has been a columnist for ZNet since 2006, and his Z Space page has a treasure trove of articles.

His earlier material is collected here for easy access.

The deities we create From The Hindu, Nov 6, 2010.

The conundrum of identity From "Identity Politics in Jammu & Kashmir" (2010).

The infirmity of noble minds The Hindu October 25, 2009

Review of Prashad's Darker Nations Frontline, November 7, 2008

Heal and Renew Mainstream Weekly, September 3, 2008

1857 from an Internationalist Perspective People's Democracy, September 30, 2007

We become what we hate June 1, 2007

Pet Panacea of India's Ruling Classes May 22, 2007

Recasting India as a vassal state November 22, 2005

The RSS and the Gandhi Murder People's Democracy August 29, 2004

The Valley of Love Frontline, August 1, 2003

Review of Prashad's War Against the Planet Frontline June 22, 2002

Dealing with Kashmir Frontline, June 3, 2001

Befooled in Paradise Frontline, August 24, 2000

Dealing with the Autonomy Demand Frontline, July 7, 2000


Development (PDF)

Anti-reservation (PDF) 2005

Caste and Race (PDF) 2001

Education old and new (PDF)

Grand (PDF)

History's Mysteries (PDF) 2005

Holding up a mirror (PDF) 2000

Kashmir a Departure (PDF) 2000

Redefining secular agenda (PDF) 2004

Speculations across millenia (PDF) 2000

Victorian Studies (PDF)

The politics of English in India (PDF) 1994

Mikhail Bakhtin (PDF) 1985

Dickens and the Dialectic of Growth 1986, A google books preview

"Daniel Deronda: A View of Grandcout," Studies in the Novel (North Texas univ.,), 17 (1985)

Dickinson paper

Eliot paper


Badri's poems (on a single page)