Haiti’s New Dictatorship (the short version)

December 19, 2012 Socialist Project Bullet article summarizing Haiti’s New Dictatorship What constitutes a dictatorship? Haiti had an election in 2006, which the popular candidate won. It had an election in 2011, which had one of the lowest turnouts in recent history and which was subject to all kinds of external manipulation. Given these elections, […]

Partition talk

When Belgium realized in the 1950s that, given that France and Britain were losing their African colonies, it would no longer be able to hold on to Congo, it set about trying to guarantee continued control over the strategic aspects of the economy, especially the mines. At first, it sponsored its local political groups, but […]

Podcast on the DRC

I was on Kudakwashe Cayenne’s radio program, Heart of Africa, yesterday, along with Maurice Carney from Friends of the Congo. Here’s the podcast.

How Criminals Communicate – thoughts for above and under ground

Just finished reading Diego Gambetta’s “Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate” (Princeton University Press 2009). One of Gambetta’s contentions is that criminals face more extreme versions of the same problems people face in above-ground life. I read it thinking about the connections and differences between political activism (which is often criminalized) and crime.