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Some non-news items

There was a period a few months ago when there were many alternative and decent journalists in Iraq: Dahr Jamail (who is still there), Rahul Mahajan, Andrea Schmidt, Naomi Klein, and others. This coincided with the US invasion of Fallujah and a tremendous amount of news coverage of Iraq everywhere.


A diet of rage from Iraq

If you haven't seen Zeynep Toufe's blog this morning, you should. The image will make your blood boil.

Also read Dahr Jamail's latest blog entry for more on the unfolding atrocity in Iraq.



Doing the rounds and checking Under the same sun I discovered that the authenticity of the story about Rumsfeld banning digital cameras ( which I got via the Newsinsider and which Under the same sun and Empire Notes got from me) has been questioned.


US and Quentin Tarantino

I realized yesterday after writing my previous post on the US vs. Holy Matrimony that the inspiration for the wedding party massacres might have come from Hollywood. How many readers have seen Quentin Tarantino's 'Kill Bill'?


The US versus Holy Matrimony

With all the sanctimony about marriage being a sacred thing, one would be justified in wondering why the US is so insistent on massacring wedding parties in the countries it occupies. For example, the latest massacre of over 40 people at a wedding party in Iraq, by way of an AC-130 Gunship.


Beheading and the race war

The media will be full of stories of the beheading of Nick Berg. The implication is clear: we do horrific things to them, and they do horrific things to us, so it's all fine and even-handed and okay.


What makes a scandal, scandalous?

This is a question that's been puzzling me.

This morning, Rahul Mahajan's blog provided a link to the video footage of the helicopter pilots murdering helpless Iraqis from a distance with heavy machine guns. Rahul has also been scrupulous about republishing the photos of the abuse (don't call it torture, whatever you do) that have been coming out in the mainstream media.


Special Killing Train Job Offer!

Private Mercenary Company Seeks to fill Baghdad Interrogator Position


Look at what you made us do...

This comes from the New Yorker, via Empire Notes. Of course, torture of Iraqi prisoners is widespread, systematic, and committed by people following orders. What I want to comment on is where Rahul explains how North Americans will rationalize even this:


Support the Troops

I went through the masochistic exercise of watching CNN, briefly, this morning. They were talking about how bad it would be for Americans when Iraqis learned of the abuse of prisoners by the Americans, the story that came out on 60 Minutes. Rahul Mahajan of Empire Notes has republished the photos of abuse. I think the photos say quite a lot. It's a good thing that our culture is so deeply racist that it forbids people from seeing the utterly obvious.



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